I am Yoli Valdes, International wellness and Personal development coach and creator of ZENTAO™.

ZENTAO™ is a transformative process that releases stress, pain and anxiety by integrating mind, body and spirit in the present moment. Anchored on 8 principles of personal and spiritual growth that helps you with manifesting your dreams and enhancing the quality of your life and home.  A dynamic balance between you inner space and exterior space.

With a blend of Eastern traditions, wisdom, yoga and powerful self-inquiry, ZENTAO™ was born out of my personal quest for a graceful, balanced and inspired life.

What began as my own healing practice has become my life’s work, and it’s my honor to share it with hundreds of students and clients around the world.

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I am so glad you are here and I’d love to be part of your journey. Explore how to work with me as your ZENTAO Coach… and let’s flow. (Se habla español)