Welcome to ZenTao for balanced living™, a place to learn how to connect with your inner flow, find self-acceptance and explore your own path to wholeness with me as your spiritual health practitionerintuitive healer, health and wellness coach-consultant.

I’ve personally developed a transformational process called ZenTao for balanced living™, a way of life that enables you to integrate the mind, body and spirit aspects of yourself from a place of awareness through all the senses. This is what helps keep you present, living in the flow of the moment and aligns your health and wellbeing.

All of what you seek is already inside you – I simply act as a guide to help you:

  • Gain clarity about the real inner you and connect to that joy and happiness
  • Feel better physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Transform old beliefs into supportive healthy thoughts and practices
  • Live intentionally and love unconditionally
  • Find a point of inner stillness you can always come back to
  • Healing the mind-body connection
  • Bring balance to your body through detoxification and diet
  • Create harmony in your living space

When you actively pursue a holistic approach to life you heal, increase self-awareness and naturally live in a more balanced, graceful way. If you’re here, I believe you are craving a way to quiet your mind, embolden your heart, strengthen your body and to explore new ways to connect with your inner truth for a more balanced life.

Are you ready to step into greater self-awareness with tools to heal, transform and live in the most powerful state as your true self? Learn how ZenTao™ can help you for create a life of greater joy, happiness and peace. I provide personalized support online and in-person sessions to expand your knowledge and help you bring balance to your body, mind spirit and home using the principles of ZenTao™.

I am so glad you are here and I’d love to be part of your journey.  Connect with me to learn how. (Se habla español)